Our Practice



NOGAWA PATENT OFFICE has specialized staff with extensive knowledge of various technological fields
such as chemicals, biotechnology, electronics,
electric technology, mechatronics, etc.

Our patent attorneys and technical staff are primarily specialized in the following fields.

IPC Sections C

Organic compounds, Biotechnology, etc

  • organic compounds, industrial chemicals, etc.
  • high-molecular compounds, expansion-molded articles,
  • biotechnology, gene recombination, etc.
IPC Sections H

Semiconductor devices, Displays,etc

  • semiconductor devices/light emitting elements, etc.
  • displays/plasma displays, liquid crystals, etc.
  • video/telephone communication, etc.
IPC Sections G

Optical/measuring equipment, etc

  • optical equipment, electrophotography, etc.
  • measuring equipment, fine particle analyzers, etc.
  • information processors, personal computers, etc.
IPC Sections A

Medical science Food processing,etc

  • medical science, medical equipment, etc.
  • health food made from novel edible materials, etc.
  • domestic equipment/vacuum cleaners, cooking equipment, etc.
IPC Sections B

Office equipment, Transporting, etc

  • office equipment/copiers, printers, etc.
  • shaping mechinery/machine tools, etc.
  • transporting/electrically assisted bicycles, wrapping, etc.

Patent Applications Data

The pie chart on the right shows the patent applications that NPO handled from 2007 to 2009.  (The colored distinction is based on the IPC sections above.)

Intellectual Property Network

Since its establishment, NOGAWA PATENT OFFICE has endeavourd to strengthen and maintain close connections with our clients and numerous IP experts around the world.
We have thus established long-standing business relationships with over 50 major overseas business partners, and one-third of our operations are occupied with applications to and from overseas.